• 02

  • 2020

  • QOI

A generative koi breeding game, where koi pass down features, such as their pattern, to their offspring. It is a game about the chance of evolution and the quiet beauty of the pond.


The fish’s patterns are procedurally generated, based on the parameters that are encoded in its genome. These parameters make each fish’s pattern unique as well as deterministic. When the fish reproduce, the parent’s parameters are combined randomly. All permutations create new patterns, where the influence of both parents can be recognized.


The pond goes through a day-night cycle. By daylight, the algae can grow. The algae population is dependent on the pond’s oxygen and nitrogen level and it grows procedurally according to these environmental circumstances. In turn, it influences oxygen and carbondioxide levels.


You as the breeder have to make sure that the pond ecosystem stays in a balance while you observe the unique patterns that are generated, passed on and combined.